Public Astronomy Events

Year-Round Stargazing at the Center for the Arts: Every Clear Friday

Wyoming Stargazing offers year-round, public stargazing events every clear Friday night in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (when the temperature is above zero degrees Fahrenheit!). There is $10/person recommended donation.

Join Wyoming Stargazing at the lawn next to the Center for the Arts for our public stargazing programs. Our astronomy educators will use one of our large aperture telescopes to show you planets, stars, planetary nebulae, galaxies, and more! We will also have several iPads with the Star Walk application installed on them so you can explore the heavens while others are looking through the telescopes. Throughout the night our astronomy educators will tell you everything you want to know about the objects you are viewing. We can also answer all your other questions about astronomy. There is no need to reserve your spot in advance. You can come and go as you please. We look forward to seeing you under the stars! Please dress warmly.

The programs will take place on clear Fridays from 9:30pm-11:30pm May through September and from 8:30pm-10:30pm October through April. Feel free to show up for whatever portion of the program works for you.

Please check out our calendar at the bottom of this page for the next scheduled program.

These free public stargazing events have been made possible by your support through Old Bill’s Fun Run and from the Wyoming NASA Space Grant Consortium, NASA Grant #NNX10AO95H

Public Solar Astronomy Programs

Throughout the summer, Wyoming Stargazing will be offering solar astronomy programs at the Peoples Market. Using our solar telescopes we’ll safely show you sunspots, solar prominances, and much more. There is a $5/person recommended donation

This summer’s Peoples’ Market takes place every Wednesday at 4-7PM from June 6th-September 26th at the base of Snow King Mountain.

Planetarium Programs

Next summer Wyoming Stargazing will be offering indoor virtual tours of the Solar System and the Milky Way Galaxy. Inside our inflatable planetarium we’ll explain why the stars shine, why they seem to move across the sky, why the constellations change throughout the year and why the arms of the Milky Way Galaxy appear the way they do above our heads. You’ll have the opportunity to ask all the burning questions you’ve ever had about the Universe. $10/person recommended donation. No need to RSVP.

The planetarium will be set-up inside the Dark Sky Pavilion, designed by local artist Natalie Clark and designer Jakub Galczynski and funded by The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, The Center of Wonder, Natalie and Henry Clark, Tiny Life Supply, Caldera House, and other private donors.

Dates and Times TBD.

Portable Planetarium and Dark Sky Pavilion

Public Astronomy Programs Calendar

The calendar below shows all of our public astronomy programs.

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